Scholarship application



Scholarship application

schedule Closing:

15/01/2024 at 23:55


Time zone: Europe/Paris

Scholarship application from November 14th until January 15th.


 Scholarship coverage

  • participation fees
  • €4,500 / year for Programme country students
  • €9,000 / year for Partner country students
  • monthly allocation
  • €1,400 / month covering life expenses for the whole duration of the NANOMED EMJMD (regardless of the country of origin)
  • student insurance

NB: The scholarship will be paid at the end of the month.


IMPORTANT: Programme country ≠ Partner country

  • if you are from a country contributing financially to the Erasmus + programme --> Programme country student ;
  • if you are from another country --> Partner country student ;
  • if you are from a Partner country but spent more than 12 months in a Programme country these past 5 years --> Programme country student.